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Summer Tours

Looking for an exhilarating way to explore Munich with your family or friends? Join our summer specials for teens and families and dive into an action-packed scavenger hunt across the city! Available throughout the entire summer holidays, our scavenger hunt program is designed to offer unforgettable fun and excitement.

  • City-Wide Adventure: Discover Munich’s hidden gems and iconic landmarks as you embark on an epic scavenger hunt.
  • Team Challenges: Form a team with your friends or family and compete against others in thrilling challenges.
  • Gaming Mode: Track your progress and see which teams are the fastest. The competition is on!
  • Prizes for the Winners: By the end of summer, the top 3 teams will win fantastic prizes.

Whether you're a local or visiting Munich, our scavenger hunt promises an engaging and adventurous way to spend your summer. Ready to make some unforgettable memories? Join us now and let the adventure begin!

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