Private / Corporate Journeys

SeeSaw Sight offers a unique corporate or private tour experience, tailored to meet each customer's specific needs.
These journeys are designed for flexible participation, allowing team members to join and compete in teams of up to four.
The timing of the journey is entirely up to the organiser and can be set to a particular day and time or over any number of days.
The journey is entirely private, ensuring a personalized experience with exclusive access to the leaderboard information, providing an extra layer of privacy and competition.

Please reach out to us over email and we can tailor your experience: info(at)seesawsight.com

This is how it works

Competitive Spirit

Strengthen your team's connection with SeeSaw Sight's unique and engaging team-building experiences.


Enjoy exclusive, personalized journeys with complete privacy and tailored experiences for your team.


Dive into thrilling, competitive challenges across the city with SeeSaw Sight's action private tours.

Your personalised group experience

Your personalised group experience

Integrate our routes into your team building or our activity with you is your team event. We are also happy to design and develop completely customised activities for you: you can determine the start and end point of your trip flexibly, e.g. start from the office and end at a restaurant you have reserved, in between with a fun factor in gaming mode against each other passing highlights of the metropolis with its many facets. We are also happy to advise and help you with our Local Insiders for company and Christmas parties, events or as part of corporate benefits for your employees.

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