Munich Ultra Green

Great adventure combination by bike across the Olympic grounds and on to Nymphenburg Palace

4 or 5 hours and it includes 5 km on foot
from € 24.90
One mobile phone and always take water
Both at Scheidplatz has many parking options as well as being accessible by U-Bahn
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This is a big one. It will take up quite a few hours but is well worth it because of all the adventure fun in the exclusively green parts of Munich. No city just parks and grass. You will need a bicycle and walking/running energy. The full journey can take up to 5 hours and at least an hour of that will be on your feet (no bikes allowed). You will see the whole of Olympia Park as well as Nymphenburg castle and its grounds. Bring snacks.

The start (and finish) is near the Scheidplatz U Bahn station with plenty of car parking opportunity should you need it.

When riding your bike on the streets please be sure to obey the traffic rules. Adventure racers do not get any special traffic concessions. yhbw.

Some of the highlights

Viewing point Olympiaberg

Nymphenburg Palace

Ost-West Kirche

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