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Endurance route through Munich's green lung: the Englisher Garten

You choose: run or bike. About 20km.
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One mobile phone and always take water
Englisher Garten Entrance at the Ostfriedhof, Crailsheimerstraße
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This 20km journey through the Englischer Garten is for the lovers of trail, mud and water. For the more leisurely bikers it can take up to 2 hours and running the distance is of course also possible but recommended for the experienced. There are some beautiful trail paths including hopping over tree stumps and even the option to get your feet wet. The start and end are both on the north end opposite the North-East entrance of the Nordfriedhof, where the closest U-Bahn station is Alte Heide on the U6. There are decent vehicle parking opportunities on Osterwaldstraße.

The Englisher Garten is a natural refuge in the middle of the busy city. It is the ideal getaway for sports and adrenaline enthusiasts. With gorgeous pathways and sparkling streams, this vast park's 910 acres make it a playground for outdoor junkies.

We think the best way to appreciate the Englischer Garten's spectacular beauty and get a taste of nature in the center of the city is to take a self-guided action adventure racing style tour. The system will guide you from point to point and part of the fun is that you have to find each point yourself. Once you have arrived you will learn about the next.

The Englisher Garten, which was first built in 1789, has a long history of representing enlightenment and forward-thinking ideas. The park was created to give Munich residents a much-needed green area, and it has since grown to be a beloved icon for both locals and tourists. With its unique blend of natural beauty and cultural significance, the Englischer Garten is a must-visit for anyone seeking an adventure-filled experience in the heart of Munich. So lace up your running shoes (or your bike ??), grab your gear, and embark on a journey filled with action, adventure, and historical intrigue.

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